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The specialists of FTE “MAG” implemented the technology of step-by-step mechanical crushing of tyres with step-by-step separation of rubber granulate, metal and textile cord. Zavod z Pererobku Znoshenuh Shin is the first plant in Ukraine on recycling of all dimension-types of waste tyres with metal and textile cord including large-dimension tyres. Before that only tyres with textile cord were recycled in Ukraine. In the course of operation and maintenance of equipment some updating and reconstruction were effected which allowe not only increase productivity but also grade up the separation of metal and textile cord from rubber granulate. The product of waste tyres recycling rubber granulate is used in building of artificial sports fields including football fields and also as raw material for the production of rubber reclaim.

FTE “MAG” is the leader in rubber reclaim production in Ukraine. Rubber reclaim is a product of recycling of waste tyres and tubes and waste rubber technical goods. Production of rubber reclaim is effected by thermomechanical method. The main advantage of this product is significant reduction in price of rubber mixture and final goods. The production of FTE “MAG” is delivered to the local market and to more than ten foreign countries.

Our history
Foreign Trade Enterprise “MAG” was found on the 4-th of March 1994 in Komsomolsk Poltava region. The production activity is realized at two plants “Waste Tyre Recicling Plant” in Komsomolsk and JSC “Regenerat” in Lisichansk.
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